If you are a pastor, ministry leader or lay counselor who desires to understand the delicate issues surrounding pornography addiction and sexual brokenness, then UNBOUND is the perfect tool for your library.Written in a simplistic style, Bill and Lisa cover the basic information needed in order to aid you in ministering or counseling to a couple or individual trapped in the tight web of sexual addiction and/or infidelity. This manual provides key strategies that will help you give hope to the individuals you work with and will enable you to set them on a successful path to recovery.

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I have felt shame. You have felt it too. Most struggle with it on a daily basis. Are you successful, but not truly happy? Do you struggle with thoughts that you are never enough? Does the fear of rejection haunt you in your relationships?Most of us have grown comfortable wearing the heavy mask covering our shame and false self. However, amongst all the lies that swirl around in our head and thoughts, there is truth and hope and freedom!

Join author Lisa Roitsch as she guides you through an interactive study of what shame is and how to expose its lies that may be operating in your life.
Shame has to stop in the only place it rules: your mind. Lasting freedom comes when we embrace the truth and decide to break up with shame once and for all!

Prepare for the most liberating journey in your life, the joy of discovering who you truly are!

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